Allied Mental Health Services, PLLC / Allied Hypnosis is an alternative healing office that specializes in Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, Couples / Marriage Counseling, Holistic Healing and Hypnotherapy.

Safely change unwanted habits, bad attitudes, negative thoughts, and unfulfilling relationships. Let go of anxiety, chronic pain, procrastinating, fears, destructive anger, inhibitions, poor concentration, forgetfulness, and infertility. Lose weight, stop smoking, and get rid of migraine and stress headaches forever. Restore sexual desire -- all without medications!

Living life and enjoying it to its fullest is the realization of mental health and emotional well being. We can provide you with information, ideas, and choices to help you become the person you want to be, can be, and deserve to be.

We are "out-of-network" for all insurance.  We do not file claims to insurance companies. There is an easy to use app which will allow you to file your own claim in seconds. The name of the app is Better. It does all the work for you. 
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Most Popular Hypnosis

Easy Relaxation                                Migraine Headache Relief

Sleep Better/Insomnia                      Relieve Pain

Lose Weight                                      Stress Relief

Stop Smoking                                   Releasing Past Trauma

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Better Health

Illness Healing                         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Injury Healing                          Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity (AD/HD)

Virtual Gastric Band                Morning Sickness

Work-Out Commitment            Emotional Stress Eating

Alcohol/ Drug Cessation          Over Eating

Skin Rash                                Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Warts                                       Stroke Recovery

Gag Reflex                              Medical / Dental Fear

Arthritis Pain                            Fibromyalgia Relief

Bleeding Control                      Fingernail Biting

Asthma Control                        Obsessive Thinking

Surgery Preparation                Hair Pulling

Childbirth                                 Bed Wetting

Overcome Stuttering                Excessive Sweating

Teeth Grinding                         Tinnitus

TMJ                                         Bulimia

Healing Hemorrhoids               Nightmares/Night Terrors     

Chronic Back Pain                   Shoulder Pain

Reducing Medication Side Effects,  Including Chemotherapy

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Academic Series

Improve Memory

Concentration &  Recall

Better Study Habits

Test Taking

Learning Self Hypnosis

Lost Object Recovery

Self Improvement Skills


Self Esteem


No Procrastination

Decision Making

Forgiveness/ Letting Go

No More Labels

Ending a Relationship

Emotional Release

Anger Control

No More Guilt



Panic Attacks

Grieving & Loss

Negative Energy

Sexual Improvement

Sexual Performance

Sexual Desire For Men & Women

Sex Enhancement For Women


Addiction To Porn


Sports Improvement

Football             Volleyball

Basketball         Wrestling

Baseball            Hockey/Field Hockey

Softball             Track

Golf                   Equestrian Competition

Tennis               Swimming & Diving

Bowling             Cheerleading

Gymnastics       Body Building

Overcome Fears

Fear of Crowds

Fear of Heights

Fear of Flying

Closed In Places

Fear of Driving

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success



Professional Improvement


Rapid Reading

Public speaking

Goal Setting

Communication & Listening

Stage Fright

Financial Success


Develop Enthusiasm

Spiritual Series

Intuition Development

Past Life Regression

Develop Your ESP

Develop Your Psychic Ability