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HLN Meeting: Understanding our Physical and energetic bodies for individual healing

  • Oriental Gardens 1528 Kingwood Drive Kingwood, TX, 77339 United States (map)
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Holistic Learning Network - Houston

Understanding our Physical and energetic bodies for individual healing

Next meeting is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

We are happy to invite you to be a part of the Holistic Learning Network-Houston group. 

We are inspired to create this new network for the greater Houston community. We look forward to communing with you in this exciting experience.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.



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Paula Bordelon, DNM, CTN, CNC


Understanding our physical and energetic bodies for individual healing

Naturopathic doctors believe that the human body is a healthy natural state. Therefore, the human body is not susceptible to illness without some form of neglect.

People do not inexpiably become sick without first laying the foundation for illness by improperly providing for the needs of the body.

  Paula will help us understand our biological and chemical individuality. 
We will explore the body field: learning of it's wisdom and understanding the many languages it consists of.  She will also explain about looking below the surface to find the root cause and resolution phase for healing instead of just addressing the symptoms.

This is an evening you don't want to miss as you learn more about your physical and energetic bodies and how healing takes an individual approach.

Paula's Credentials:

  • Doctorate in Naturopathy / Honolulu University

  • Board Certified Traditional Naturopath with the American Naturopathic Certification Board

  • Doctor of Natural Medicine/ Natural Medicine Practitioners/ North America

  •  Certified Nutritional Consultant 

  • Member of the ANCB /   American Naturopathic Certification Board 

  • Practice in Natural Alternatives and Preventive Medicine in Kingwood since 1999 



IS Wednesday March 13, 2019


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Spotlight Winner

Dee Wall, Certified Hypnotist & Coach, with Smoke-Free 4 Ever

This is an opportunity to spend time with others in the community who welcome and embrace the holistic lifestyle.  

All holistic professionals wishing to network are encouraged to bring your business cards, flyers, and pamphlets to be displayed on a networking table.

Win a chance for a 10 minute "SPOTLIGHT" to highlight your business during the next monthly meeting. Remember to bring your business cards.

You are welcome to contribute holistic door prizes to promote your business and share your passion.

Vendor tables are available for holistic professionals.
Space is limited. RSVP by clicking below to reserve now which prompts you to send us an email.

Time 6:30p.m.-9:00p.m.
Oriental Gardens, 1528 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 

Meeting cost is $25.00* with complimentary meal
**Paid Reservations have priority / No Refunds
Credit Cards accepted (securely through Paypal)
**Cash only at the door based on availability / but confirm reservation by email to: 
Adults only, child care is not provided DOORS OPEN 6:00pm
Please do not arrive earlier than 6pm 
*Due to cost increase at the restaurant, our fee is now $25.00
**We are proud to announce that our group is growing and Space is limited.
Please make your Reservations by Monday the week of our meeting
so you know you have a seat  and the restaurant is prepared to
accommodate our group size.

Board Members: Debra Stoltz, Janet Sisler, Deanna Uldall, Lynne Benton, Dr. Marty Lerman, PH.D.,CHt,LPC-S      
The views, information, or opinions expressed by presenters are their own and do not necessarily represent those of the Holistic Learning Network-Houston members. 
HLN-Houston is an EDUCATIONAL FORUM and not practicing medicine.  If you are receiving medical treatment including medications, you should discuss any desired changes with your physician prior to making any changes.