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How To Set Future Goals

As we move into the New Year, we focus on making positive changes in a couple, several or many aspects of our lives. We know what we can do to become healthier, more productive, a better listener, a more attentive partner or parent. Notice how often that the same issues repeat themselves from one year to the next.

The reasons for not fulfilling the changes seem real at the time. We even apply negative labels to ourselves, as if that somehow provides an acceptable excuse - "I procrastinate." "I am co-dependent." "I suck at relationships." Can we please get out of the negative thoughts and start listening to our inner truth?

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In order to set REAL goals there are a few things we must clean up:

  • We must believe we are WORTH the change we want.
  • We must be willing to COMMIT ourselves to SUSTAINING the actions until the goal is reached. Trying something different and then quitting, is not a commitment.
  • There needs to be CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of what we are going to do differently in order to achieve a different result.
  • There must be a FIRM DATE set for when the changes will have taken place.
  • We need to be DISTANT FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE. Those who fill themselves and anyone who will listen to them with gossip, worse case scenarios, gloom and doom predictions, open resentments toward people and blaming others for their unfulfilled lives. Sometimes it is necessary to love people from afar.
  • Become your own best friend. Maintain your positive energy by being around positive people; reward yourself for having good days and good weeks. 

Setting goals is a powerful message to us. If you'd like some help creating good goals that incorporate all the aspects listed above, give us a call. 
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