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Go Outside: It's Spring Time!

As we transition into the middle months of the year the focus is often on getting into physical shape, weight loss, recreational activities and doing more things outdoors.

Increasing physical activity serves a dual function of improving physical conditioning and increasing the flow of oxygen into the brain. Please keep in mind this healthy awareness needs to include children and teenagers as well.

Staring for long time periods at televisions, computers, notebooks and cell phones is unhealthy physically and a mental health risk. Parents, don’t be afraid to impose limits on how long electronic activity can be used.

Children and teens need to be exploring their worlds and becoming more social. We have a natural curiosity about being in nature and having the freedom to run and play.

As the daylight is increasing use it for outdoor activities. Help younger children start collections of things they can find or learning how to take weather measurements or perhaps training pets.

Teens can get involved in neighborhood projects or community service. They can also set up tutoring groups for younger children using backyard picnic tables.

Walking younger children to and from the tutoring locations creates physical action they typically don’t realize is exercise.