Sex Therapy


A wise sage once lamented, "If you're dead in the head, you're dead in the bed". People often forget that the mind is the most powerful sexual organ in the body. The vast majority of sexual dysfunction is not due to fault with the sexual parts of the body; rather from erroneous activity or inactivity occurring above the neck.

Physical injury and genetic makeup directly affects sexual development and functioning. However, the number of successfully treated patients for stress induced problems versus those successfully treated for biologically caused problems is astronomically greater.

The reproductive and endocrine systems of the body are directly affected by stress, depression, anxiety, worry, fear and anger, including many other feelings connected to past experience and memory. Also many of our feelings and memories are not consciously known. This is why hypnotherapy in combination with the talking and behavioral approaches of psychotherapy can be extremely effective. The goal of sex therapy is to restore you to full control of your body. No medications are used. In fact, as success becomes established, clients previously taking medications are usually able to stop taking them.


By helping people remove fears, anxiety and negative thinking we become empowered to establish positive expectations and passion for using our own creativity, intuition and desire to love and be loved. Dr. Lerman specializes in helping people overcome diminished sexual interest, lack of physical responsiveness, performance and technique inhibitions, premature ejaculation, negative sexual attitudes and habits, and non-organic infertility.