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**Individual results may vary

Jeannine H

My husband and I are doing well and are closer than ever! I released my debut album last February and my husband is my biggest promoter and supporter! Thanks for your help Fondly, JH  *Disclaimer: Results may vary


I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with severe PTSD.  I saw many psychiatrists and took lots of medications. They dulled my mind and took away my energy. The bad memories, terror dreams, fear of certain things, intimacy problems remained. Then I met Dr. Lerman and the healing started. The medications went away. I continue to heal, anticipating a complete cure and real happiness. 
His recovery work with veterans having PTSD, as well as their families, is most impressive and unbelievably successful. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to experience his therapy gift. Dr. Lerman helped me restore hope and the courage to face life. He taught me how to release the horrors of the past without having to re-live them or "tell my story" over and over again to people who just can't get it.
I sincerely dare to beg any veteran or others carrying the horrors of past trauma not to succumb to it. It does not go away by itself. But you can beat it! You learn how, practice the skills he teaches and take back your life. You are worth it and so are your loved ones.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary


For Individuals in Marty's profession, I believe the greatest recommendation lies in the passion for the success of his clients as well as his business associates who are not necessarily clients.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Jan C

Dr. Lerman is skillful, patient and compassionate. He has helped several of my clients both in their personal lives and as an expert in family court. His integrity and knowledge are unwavering and I am proud to be associated with him.  *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Anne k

Dr. Lerman is his profession and his profession is an unparalleled blueprint of his therapeutic skillset, his dedication, stellar competency, and knowledge, moreover his professionalism, expansive expertise and unwavering, unconditional, unprecedented most earnest and genuine care for each patient fortunate enough to have the rare chance of being completely healed.
I am one of his patients first diagnosed with PTSD in a complex syndrome of multiple childhood traumas. I am healing and can already anticipate my complete cure and happiness. Dr. Lerman invests his entire person in each client’s therapy, equitably, yielding a miraculous thorough cure, exhibiting a rare gifted talent, hardly to describe during the therapeutic progress. Dr. Lerman, in my experience, sets the standard of efficiency, empathy and artful understanding of each patient at an astounding success rate.
You must do your part as a patient, naturally and undoubtedly but rest assured Dr. Lerman will accompany you through every stage, even the darkest and seemingly insurmountable issues, troubles, and/or torments, until he is absolutely satisfied the job is done. I firmly believe there is not a single pathological symptom and/or syndrome, that is beyond Dr. Lerman’s professional capacity to heal.
Dr. Lerman pulled me out of the darkest moments of my life, not to mention save my marriage.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary


Myself and Dr Lerman have been working with many aspects of relationship development through the months. He is the tough love doctor that tells you how it is for your own good. His experience in dealing with thousands of couples through the years is reassuring. Instead of applying simple theory, he has seen the outcomes of those relationships so he knows what works and what doesn't. If you aren't afraid to "hear it how it is" and make real progress... this is the place for you.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Charlie G

Wanted to catch you up on Nathan. Two years ago we were at wits end. He was turning into a 16 year old zombie from all the meds -- no interest in anything, no ambition, no spark. Sure he was getting good grades and able to study better, but the price for taking the Adderall and Abilify was just not worth it. The doctor kept saying the reactions were temporary as he increased the dosage level three times in three years.
After his fifth hypnosis session, he was using "The Force." He wanted back into karate and this time he stuck with it and earned his black belt last June. His second time on the wrestling team and his coach is contacting the coach at Oklahoma State to arrange a visit. Nathan is so confident and determined -- it is truly amazing. He popped an 1840 on his SAT and said it was easy with no fear or anxiety like before.
I never dreamed hypnosis could be so powerful and effective. If anyone questions the cost, just tell them to add up all the pharmacy receipts and ask them which is better, a drugged up child with no ambition, hating having to take the meds, or a happy young man moving on with his life, drug-free and full of confidence and positive self belief?
My brother asked for your phone number. He's got 2 ADHD kids and can't wait to get them started.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary


Hi Valerie - I just wanted to wish Doc Marty, you, and your families a very Happy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year! I don't think anybody should make a New Year's Resolution without first visiting Doc - that's the only chance they have to keep them! I can't tell either of you how great it was to celebrate Christmas without a drink (ginger ale is a good substitute for champagne - after all, it sparkles)! I'm looking forward to a very happy and sober New Year's Eve!  *Disclaimer: Results may vary


I first saw Dr. Lerman 11 years ago for my anxiety. I had tried a couple of other therapists, but the thought of returning to their office gave me even more anxiety. Then I found Dr. Lerman. He was able to rid me of my anxiety in 2 visits with the help of hypnosis and breathing techniques. So I continued to see him on and off for stress with work, problems with family and family illnesses, pain management, and probable a few other things I cannot recall.
Most recently I went to see Dr. Lerman about my fear over IVs. I found out that I was going to need a hysterectomy and realized I wasn't afraid to have the surgery done, but I was terrified of having an IV and to keep it in me for two days. He not only helped me conquer my IV fear, but as an added bonus, I was able to leave the hospital a day early. My hysterectomy was at 7 AM, and I was at home in my own bed by 7 PM. 
I was only in the recovery room for about 30 minutes. As soon as I got to my hospital room I realized there were no side effects from the anesthesia that most people experience. My doctor couldn't believe the amazing state I was in. I didn't need any pain medication. My pain level was at a 3. I was able to get up and walk around. This couldn't be possible the doctor and nurses repeatedly said!
So I was sent home with instructions of remaining in bed, only to get up to use the restroom for a week, and then allowed to use the couch in the 2nd week. The very next day I had to go to the doctor because I had gotten a UTI from the catheter. The doctor looked at me as if I'd grown a 2nd head. "Are you sure it was yesterday that you had surgery?!" I was walking around like someone at least a week after surgery. He cleared to do everything that day that was normally allowed for patients 2 weeks after surgery.
I just went in for my 2 week follow up. Again the doctor was amazed. He said he almost didn't recognize me, I was walking normal and nobody believed me when I said I was in for my 2 week follow up, not my 6 week. When the doctor took a look at my incisions, they looked like small cat scratches. I was ecstatic! I felt like sticking my tongue out and saying "Nanny, nanny, boo, boo" for accomplishing something he didn't think was possible. I walked out of the office feeling amazing, and only 2 weeks after a major surgery that everyone else had been telling me horror stories about. Ha Ha...not me! I had hypnotherapy on my side!!
Thanks Dr. Lerman for teaching me the power of my mind.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Jenny S

Hi Doc, Well, don’t know exactly what to say – It’s gone. All 38 pounds. I hit my goal on Valentine’s Day and wanted to be sure it was going to stay off when I went on the cruise the following weekend. Sure enough. I saw all that food, but just had no desire or curiosity to eat until I was hungry and ready for a meal and then I got to taste everything. Never got stuffed and really had little want for the sweets and cakes.
I know you said way back in November that my body would naturally know when I had lost the weight I needed to lose. Wasn’t sure trusting my intuition could actually happen. But it is working and I feel wonderful. My boyfriend is thrilled and I bet a little jealous of the looks he sees guys checking me out. Getting through the Holidays was far easier than I thought, especially from past years.
I am back to the size I was before my last pregnancy nine years ago. And everyone said that weight would never come off. Ha! LOL
Please send me a few cards. Three of the gals at work are all excited about meeting you.
Thank you so much. Please feel free to post this on your webpage.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Michelle N

Just writing to say thank you. Ashley is swimming like a fish and her fear of spiders is gone too! Can’t believe it was only a year ago when she was crying about her friends having fun at the neighborhood pool while she stayed home. The first day of swimming class last month she actually jumped into the pool and when her head came up out of the water she had the biggest smile on her face. It was amazing! So confident she could do it.
We were able to get her into camp so she could be with her friends. They go swimming every day. Her counselor sent us an email with pictures of the kids splashing around and having a great time in the lake. I can’t believe it. Her fear of water is gone and she is having the best summer ever.
Can’t say I understand how all those stories you told her convinced her she could do it. I’m a believer now. Working on getting my mother to see you for fear her of flying. My niece’s wedding is in December and I’ve already told Mom we are not driving to Boston.  Thank you again.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Rob P

Hi Doc,
You know when you told me I’d be ready for Toastmasters after the second session I just about burst out laughing. Well guess what? I’ve been going to the meetings for three weeks and I volunteered to speak next week. How did you know this? Is it confidence, experience or do you really know how to use that crystal ball sitting on your bookshelf?
When I came to see you back in February, I thought my career was coming to a screeching halt. I got the promotion to director of sales that I’d been eyeing for the past three years and then the VP dropped the bomb shell on me saying that I’d be giving three to four presentations a month to every district office in the Southern region plus the annual stock holders meeting in New York. Always loved talking to people, but going over a presentation or plan with five or six people is not the same as 75 to 100 and the annual meeting is in a convention hall with 1800 to 2000 people. The panic I felt was so intense and nerve racking I seriously thought about asking to go back to my old job.
Got to say that first session I experienced a level of relaxation I didn’t know was possible. All the worries melted away. Still wasn’t sure it would translate into speaking in front of all those people. After the second session and listening to the CD a few times, I just realized I had more confidence than I knew. The first presentation went great, but that was here in town with people I knew. The second one though was in San Antonio and that was the convincer. By the time I got back from Oklahoma City and Little Rock, I was so stoked! No more sweaty palms, no more stomach aches, no more fear of stumbling over my words. It felt so natural and easy. The trip to New York is the end of September and I’m already looking forward to having lots of fun.
I will be sending a few folks your way. Please shoot me over the brochures. Thanks.  *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Allan T

Hey Doc,
I got to admit, when we first met, I really was pretty skeptical about hypnosis. But after trying everything else and losing some weight, then gaining it back, having to take blood pressure pills, knees hurting all the time, getting winded from going up a single flight of stairs, and all those judgmental negative looks – it was desperation time.
You told me 8 to 10 pounds a month was reasonable and guess what? It’s been 10 months since our last session and I lost 64 pounds in the first seven months. That’s 4 more than I wanted and during the last 3 months haven’t gained any of it back. Actually, it feels like everything just naturally leveled off. I’m back on the golf course taking lessons – pain in the knees is gone. I’m swimming again and loving it. The best part is that I’m off the BP medication and my sex drive is back! No more little blue pills and no more headaches!
My wife is so proud of me. We’re having fun again doing stuff we haven’t done in 20 years. The kids are inviting me to go places like art festivals and Dickens on the Strand – things I used to find excuses for not doing because I knew my legs would hurt or them feeling bad for me. It’s good.
OK. I know you said I was the one who would make it happen. But I sure do thank you for planting those suggestions and teaching me how to keep them activated. All the best to you.  *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Jim and Tracie P

Hey Doc,
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help. My confidence in flying is back and I'm sitting at the airport as I write this waiting to board the return flight home from Bermuda. This is the third trip I've taken since seeing you last and all that old fear is gone.
I'm feeling so relaxed and calm now, can't even imagine what it used to be like. I'd like to tackle my procrastinating next. I'll give you a call when I get back to Houston. Oh yeah, Tracie just elbowed me to passed along her thanks for being a non-smoker. She hasn't had a cigarette in over nine months and is doing great.
Gotta run. Thanks again.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Kathy G

Hi Doc,
Well, the third time was the charm. I passed the real estate exam with flying colors. After bombing on it twice and almost convincing myself it would never happen, my sister gave me your card and said, "Try it!"
Wow, what a difference. I went into the exam room with a clear head, no worries, no fears -- felt incredibly calm and relaxed -- just like you said. Before I knew it I was done. There was still time to go, but I was done and I KNEW it. Feeling that success as I walked back to the parking lot was unbelievable.
Thank you so much for helping to launch me into my career. If you ever are looking for a home or office building to buy ...   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Carol W

Hi Doc Marty,
You wouldn't believe what fun our 16th anniversary was. Then again, you know exactly what fun it was because you told me what was going to happen. Sex is back in our lives. I look forward to it, enjoy it, and absolutely love the closeness my husband and I are once again enjoying.
This hasn't been so good since we were dating. Who'd have thought I would actually be seducing him, and my goodness does he love it! If only I'd known what I now know, the past 10 years of no desire would be erased. Can't believe I actually said I could take it or leave it.
Oh well, that's in the past. On to more fun and play. Thank you for saving my marriage and putting me in touch with the passion within me.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Charlie M

Hey Doc,
Wanted to let you know my golf game is back on track. Everything is working just as you said it would. My whole mental approach is solid. I can see it happening as I relax and my body just responds. I'm impressed and it takes a lot to convince me. My first Nations tournament is normally the worst because I used to get way too nervous and my first bad shot used to pretty much ruin the whole round.
Now all the pressure is off. I blew the drive off the second tee, but rather than psyching myself into expecting the worse, I just let it go and turned it around. Finished the round one under and actually slept well that night. Totally awesome! The two years trying to make cuts, I've never slept good. Got up the next morning, ate breakfast, which I never used to do, and even having to scramble to make par on 3 of the first 4 holes it didn't frazzel me. Just kept telling myself to relax and imagine getting that green jacket.
Ended up not only making the cut, but finished the tournament in 7th place. That's my best ever and all is good. Just wanted to pass along the karma. I'll let you know how I do in Arkansas next week. Can't wait to see you for our next session.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary


Hi Dr. Lerman - I don't know if you track success statistics or not with your hypnotherapy. I asked if you could help me stop smoking, and on September 25, 2001 you did the hypnosis and I have not smoked since. I've had 6 wonderful years now of a smoke-free life! I also moved to California that year and am remarried and in a five year, very happy relationship with a wonderful guy.
Anyhow - thanks for helping me stop smoking!!   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Terri G

Hi Doc,
Talk about good. Not only am I smoke free from cigarettes for 12 months now, but I haven't smoked pot either and I REALLY didn't believe you could get that one done too. Oh sure, I knew I was really ready to let go of the cigarettes what with my Dad's lung cancer and my kids always on my back about smoking. But nobody in my family knew about the pot and there wasn't a lot of pressure to stop that, even though I wanted to stop. I figured what the heck it couldn't hurt to ask you. This is good. 
I kept waiting to write you because I wanted to be sure, kind of like pinching myself. After a whole year I am sure I am totally smoke-free. Many thanks.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Cindy R

Dear Dr. Lerman,
I am so glad I met you. For 12 years I'd been living with chronic neck pain, taking meds, going to chiropractors and rehab therapists. My orthopods, all three of them kept saying I'd have to live with it and the idea of surgery scared the you-know-what out me, especially when none of them could say it would be successful, or even give me at least 50-50 odds.
Why I waited so long to make that first appointment with you is still a mystery. You helped my brother lose 55 pounds. I wasn't sure hypnosis could do anything for pain, even when I read your material and the pain in my brother's knees disappeared.
Thanks to you I'm dreaming again of skiing and it's no longer a fantasy. It's going to happen. Hypnosis works. My friends are probably getting sick of me saying that because whenever it comes up, I'm there to tell them.
Jimmie is doing great. He's engaged to a terrific gal. They met at the gym and make a terrific couple.
Keep up the good work.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Karrie M

Dear Dr. Lerman, 
It is official -- I'm pregnant. We are so excited. When the doctor told me, I about melted. After all those years of tests, egg harvesting, artificial insemination, my husband being "on call" and using cups to make his "deposits", and about $70,000 -- It's over. In 5 sessions with you I'm getting what I wanted. Can't believe you were my "last resort." You should've been my first. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'll let you know how things go.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Amanda F

Hi Doc Marty,
I am thrilled to tell you Brian has now gone four whole weeks without wetting the bed once. He is so proud of himself and so are we. Not exactly sure how you made it happen, even seeing him in trance I was still skeptical it would work. When he made it through the first night he was so happy. He was jumping around saying "The Force is in me. The Force is in me. I can do it!" We all got excited.
And then the next morning and the next. By the end of the first week, it was so obvious Brian's confidence was sky high. His grades got better in school. Even his big sister was giving him high-5's in the hallway on the way to the bathroom every morning -- and the most we usually get out of her is grunts before she's fully awake.
Thank you so much. This the best Mother's Day present I could have wished for.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Lauren M

Hi, Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay, still functioning on little sleep! New Year resolution...stop procrastinating :) 
After being very calm, very relaxed during the birth of my first child, hypnotherapy was an absolute must for my second birth.
There was no fear nor anxiety. I was breathing deeply through my contractions without having to be coached. It was automatic. 
My body was doing all the work for me. Pain was minimal. I was relaxed. My mood was happy. My mind was free from distractions, allowing me to focus on the birth. My husband, nurse, and midwife all complimented me on how well I did. I give all the credit to hypnotherapy!   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Mary T

Doc Marty,
Just wanted you to know Macie is tumbling and going great. Forward and backward flips are so natural for her, she smiles and can't wait to show off to anybody who will look. She's practicing a back flip with a twist and plans to show it off next week at the competition which is also her 10th birthday. She called her grandmother and invited her to come, along with her best friend. That's the first time she's wanted people to see her perform.
It's so wonderful seeing her happy and so confident. Bless you.   *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Susan E

Hi Doc Marty:
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for your help in my battle to quit smoking. I know it worked because I had made up my mind to quit, but you provided the "edge" that sealed my resolve. I play your tape each day and really enjoy the relaxation techniques, as well as the specific suggestions. I think my quitting "took" this time, because I'm still with people who smoke, but I have no urge to do so. They might as well be suckin' on lizards, for all the desire I have to follow suit!
Again, many thanks for your help, and I can't wait to work with you on my freeway-driving phobia!   *Disclaimer: Results may vary